Cavity Wall Drying
Ingatestone - Essex

A double sump pump failure and the breaching of the membrane system led to saturated cavity walls posing a challenge for our surveying client's HNW policyholder.

Our initial site assessment identified the breaches that were causing the underlying issues, and highlighted why a historical programme of dehumidifier drying had failed to progress, even though a drying certificate had subsequently been issued.

Non-invasive Cavity Wall Drying

By exclusively using our evaporation drying methodology we eliminated the unnecessary strip out of the cavity walls, using a series of vent holes drilled into the wall to expose the cavities to the heated air mass created within the sizeable basement area of the property.

With the constant replenishment of dry volume airflow, cavities dried consistently throughout, removing the excess moisture that the previous drying programme had failed to reach.

After months of uncertainty and false starts, the property was dried in just 4 days, ensuring minimal client disruption.

pipework flood restoration

Our scaleable system allowed us to distribute multiple heat exchangers throughout the sizeable basement.

flood restoration ducting

Network of ducting facilitated constant supply of dry air to the basement to aid moisture release.

Our Flood Restoration Solution

We are experts in using non-invasive evaporation drying to resolve a variety of flood and escape of water claims, especially in basements that can pose unique challenges for traditional drying solutions.

Our team is composed of drying technicians and surveyors that between them have over 70 years of construction industry and structural drying experience.

Working nationwide, our mobile systems help our clients cost-effectively resolve a variety of flood and escape of water claims for their customers.

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