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Stored product Insect Heat Treatment

Fuller's Brewery

Chiswick, London

Since 2013 Trustheat have been assisting prestigious London brewers Fuller, Smith and Turner with a 100% organic solution for stored product insect infestations.

With a single visit treatment that ensures lasting efficacy, Trustheat have vastly reduced flour moth counts while still ensuring the minimum of disruption to their demanding production schedule.

Our solution involves raising and then maintaining the internal temperature of rooms and machinery for a prescribed period, desiccating all life-cycle stages of an infestation, including both live insects and their eggs.

Key heat treatment benefits

'Following their most recent treatment, we have subsequently found our moth levels to be zero, even after 3 months, which is an unprecedented success.

We would recommend Trustheat's SPI treatment to anyone looking for a 100% effective, single visit treatment that can be easily accommodated within production schedules'.

Henry Kirk
Production Brewer
Fuller's of Chiswick

About trustheat

We help a variety of brewers, millers and other food producers quickly create a level playing field by desiccating every stage of the stored product infestation life cycle.

Our fleet of mobile systems are self-powered and scalable, and we ensure eradication within buildings and production machinery by providing a complete coverage solution that can simultaneously treat multiple rooms.

Our solution can eradicate every infestation, including all forms of mites, moths, beetles and weevils typically found in food production facilities.

We can provide a fixed price, fixed schedule quotation for any size of production facility and we work closely with production managers to ensure the minimum of downtime and disruption.