Burst Roof Pipe Leak
Mobius Bar - Leicester

After 3 months of drying with dehumidifiers, the owners of Mobius Bar and Restaurant in Leicester had seen little progress. As the mercury plummeted outside, it was clear that the cold weather would only serve to limit the amount of moisture that dehumidifiers could hope to collect internally, as moisture condensed on cold brickwork.

Our solution used Trustheat's evaporation drying system to raise and maintain the internal temperature of the bar and restaurant to just over 50°c for a period of 5 days.

A combination of heat and volume airflow ensured excess moisture was drawn from saturated walls and solid floors, with our data system recording the fall in RH in live time, thanks to a network of probes installed within the structural materials of the building.

Venting and ducting

With extensive HVAC ducting already installed within the premises, our team ensured this was used to expel the excess moisture being removed from the fabric of the building during drying.

Positive pressure was generated internally, by drawing air from outside. Despite external temperatures dropping to as low as -7°c during the evenings, our powerful, self-powered system heated the external air before introducing it to the treatment area.

The positive pressure, coupled with strategically planned directional airflow allowed us to remove the moisture-laden via the installed HVAC network.

The drying process took just 5 days, and we recorded moisture levels falling from an average of 85% relative humidity to just 19% RH within a variety of solid floors and brick walls.

basement flood restoration

With no ventilation, internal ambient humidity was high prior to drying, with moisture condensing on cold walls.

flood restoration ducting

Heat exchangers positioned throughout ensured a constant supply of controlled volume heat and airflow.

About Trustheat

We are experts in using non-invasive evaporation drying to resolve a variety of flood and escape of water claims.

Our team is composed of drying technicians and surveyors that between them have over 70 years of construction industry and structural drying experience.

Working nationwide, our mobile systems have helped families and businesses quickly recover from the disruption of flooding or pipe leaks.

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