Water Main Leak
Islington - London

When a water main ruptured on Upper Street in Islington, residents and businesses (including the home of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson) were inundated by over a foot of water.

Trustheat were appointed to dry a local listed property and worked closely with the surveyor, the policyholder's insurer and the residents architect who had an extensive knowledge of the property.

Parquet flooring - Dried in situ

With a beautiful parquet floor fitted in the basement, our client was keen to avoid it's removal, especially when only a very small handful of tiles had shown minor distortion to date.

Thankfully, by using evaporation drying we were able to non-invasively dry the solid floor below by drawing moisture out from areas that were not covered by the parquet flooring.

We removed skirting boards, using the porous nature of the lime plaster to release moisture trapped within the structure, therefore avoiding a significant amount of surface removal (and subsequent reinstatement).

Air was drawn in from outside via ducting installed on upper levels, with our system heating the air before it was introduced to the basement.

By using this to create positive pressure, we then ducted the moisture laden air from the room itself, consistently refreshing the internal air mass with dry air to increase moisture release.

5 day drying - minimal disruption

Our drying schedule took just 5 days, and the residents remained in the property throughout, as the ground floor was unaffected by the event.

Monitoring of the drying process in live time showed a fall in the moisture content in the solid floor (and walls at low level) from 99.9% MC to just 10.5% MC in just 5 days, thanks to the efficiency of our evaporation drying solution.

flood restoration trailer

The external trailer houses a boiler that superheats liquid, which is then transferred by insulated pipework.

parquet floor drying

Internal heat exchangers convert this into high volume, high temperature airflow, ensuring rapid drying.

About Trustheat

We are experts in using non-invasive evaporation drying to resolve a variety of flood and escape of water claims.

Our team is composed of drying technicians and surveyors that between them have over 70 years of construction industry and structural drying experience.

Working nationwide, our mobile systems have helped families and businesses quickly recover from the disruption of flooding or pipe leaks.

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Image Attribution: Stephen McKay - [CC BY 2.0] - via Wikimedia Commons