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Woodworm Heat Treatment

New Wolsey Studio

With a full season of upcoming performances and events, the team at New Wolsey Studio in Ipswich needed both a fast and effective solution to a recent woodworm infestation.

Built in the 19th century, the detached former chapel was suffering from a woodworm infestation in the roof trusses and beams.

Chemical treatment for woodworm would require multiple, disruptive visits in a hard-to-access area of the building, potentially leaving chemical residues in a well-frequented public venue.

24 hour treatment

Following a full site survey, we provided the theatre with a single visit solution that required just a 24 hour treatment window.

With a mobile system parked outside and heat exchangers systematically distributed internally, we raised the internal temperature within the room, exposing beams and trusses to constant, managed heat.

By maintaining this temperature range for a prescribed period, we ensured even the centre of timber beams reached the require 'kill temperatures' for a sustained desiccation of all life cycle stages of the woodworm infestation. This included adults, eggs, pupa and larva, providing a 100% effective, organic solution.

As with all our treatments, onsite staff monitored and recorded temperatures within the room and the timbers in live time throughout and we provided data on completion that clearly evidenced 'kill temperatures' had been maintained for the prescribed period.

Working in conjunction with Wolsey Theatre's partners at NBC Environment, we provided a fast and effective solution that avoided any disruption to the studio's schedule.

'I am writing to thank you for the quick response, thorough survey report and the high quality of the team you sent to deal with the woodworm issue. My client has reported that the process has been a thorough success.'

Stuart Miller
NBC Environment