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Case study - Blackfriar's Bridge Station rebuild

Keeping winter at bay

Our work on the prestigious Blackfriars Bridge station rebuild project helped painting contractors Pyeroy continue to work throughout winter by providing a controlled, consistent temperature and RH environment, resulting in significant savings for Network Rail.

We installed multiple trailer-based systems, with pipework and heat exchangers spanning the length of the bridge. Our programme was created in conjunction with a number of on site contracting teams and to strict criteria, as the £350m project had to proceed in the heart of the city of London.

In a challenging environment, spanning 923 feet across the Thames, we delivered consistent temperatures and controlled relative humidity throughout the winter to ensure minimal downtime.

Our solution ensured Pyeroy could meet minimum application criteria as the harsh UK winter buffeted the landmark structure, with painting continuing day and night, regardless of the external winter weather.

Trustheat can provide controlled temperature environments for any size or scale or project, with the ability to combine multiple systems on site.

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Construction drying benefits

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We can eliminate project delays by providing a controlled temperature environment, regardless of weather conditions.

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We can meet specified low RH targets for all floor slab coatings, ensuring performance and bonding criteria are easily met.

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We can reduce latent moisture within wall cavities, structural voids and all forms of structural and construction materials.

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We provide an environment that allows contractors to accurately schedule; plan and cost forecast their projects.

'This is a great, efficient and cost effective way to ensure renovation projects stay on schedule, removing excess moisture that would otherwise delay works. I would certainly recommend Trustheat to my clients'

L J Richards

Specialist Lime Plasterer

About Trustheat

We are experts in using heat to solve a variety of problems.

Our team is composed of drying technicians and surveyors that between them have over 70 years of construction industry and structural drying experience.

Working nationwide, our mobile systems have helped contractors keep projects on schedule in the face of the variable UK weather.

We are experienced in working on a variety of residential and commercial projects and we can provide a controlled temperature environment for any size, shape or scale of project.

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