Using heat and pressurised volume airflow we solve the problems associated with traditional dehumidifier drying


Our average drying time for the most heavily flooded residential and commercial properties is 5 days.

We immediately eliminate both the significant time, cost and disruption of weeks or months of drying with dehumidifiers and fans.


Before drying even commences we can accurately confirm a completion date on each and every project.

We help our clients further reduce the recovery period by eliminating the unnecessary strip out required with dehumidifiers.

Fixed price

We provide a fixed price quotation for every type of residential and commercial drying project.

Our clients benefit from being able to more accurately forecast their claim quantums based on finite timescales and costs.


Our drying certificates are backed up by data that confirms moisture removal, not just signed off as 'dry'.

We monitor moisture content inside structural materials, providing our clients with reliable, accurate drying data upon completion.

client feedback

'Both an efficient and professional company, informed and informative of the drying work undertaken.

The end results show how successfully Trustheat’s drying solution works, resulting in a building left drier than it probably has ever been.'

Hugh Clegg

Fuse Architecture

'Our teams were very impressed with Trustheat’s drying service.

There are significant savings from not having to remove and replace plaster, fixtures and fittings, plus the benefits of reduced temporary accommodation costs.'

Mike Gilsenan

Head of Building Services
City of York Council

'We would always recommend Trustheat's evaporation drying service to any insurer.

The process is cost effective, significantly reducing moisture levels and the scope of remedial works, whilst also being less intrusive, expensive and stressful for both residents and businesses'.

Peter Reeve

RICS Surveyor

'An independent testing programme has shown Trustheat's solution is capable of quickly returning a range of saturated construction materials to dry condition and was extremely effective in removing water from a wide range of common construction materials.'

Prof Paul Lambert

Sheffield Hallam University

Case study - City of York Council

59 flooded properties dried in 47 days

When severe flooding inundated York, City of York Council was faced with the challenge of drying multiple ground floor properties at various sites, many housing vulnerable residents.

It soon became apparent that drying with dehumidifiers would be a slow process, requiring significant strip out and reinstatement works, with no finite drying times around which to schedule a programme of works.

Working closely with the council, using multiple evaporation drying systems, Trustheat were able to reduce the drying time to just 4 days per property.

We also eliminated unnecessary strip out, drying with floor and wall coverings in situ, vastly reducing the time and cost of the reinstatement process.

In just 47 days we dried all 59 flooded properties both on time and on budget, providing City of York Council with a fast, efficient and cost-effective solution to a challenging problem.

> Read the full case study

How our evaporation drying solution works

flood restoration trailer

A self-powered trailer unit is parked outside the property, and we can combine multiple systems when needed.

This efficiently superheats a liquid mix, which is then transferred into the property via a network of insulated pipes.

flood drying heat exchangers

Heat exchangers placed inside the property convert the energy in the liquid into high volume, heated airflow.

Water trapped within the structure is wicked to the surface, released into heated air that can hold vastly more moisture.

flood cavity drying

By using evaporation, we can release trapped moisture without the unnecessary strip out required with dehumidifiers.

With volume, heated airflow and ducting, we can non-invasively dry sub-floors, solid floors and cavity walls.

flood drying data

As moisture is continuously drawn from the structure, we release the water-laden air in an ongoing venting process.

Probes within structural materials show RH reduction in live time, providing firm data that evidences when drying has completed.

client feedback

'We found Trustheat so professional and had complete confidence when we left our home in their hands.

We're now sitting in our newly decorated lounge, a few weeks ago we never thought we would be back home for months. It's all thanks to the speed of the drying.'

Heather Rimes

Flood Victim

'We were amazed at the efficiency of the system and the level of science, technology and expertise involved.

We don't see how local authorities, insurance companies and flood victims can afford not to make use of the obvious advantages this company has to offer.'

Jacqueline Simpson

Garforth Flood Suppport Group

'If either residents or businesses are looking for the single best way to reduce the stress, disruption, time and costs of recovering from flooding, then I would endorse contacting Trustheat as one of the best decisions they could make.'

Mary Dhonau OBE

'Know Your Flood Risk'
FPA Chair & Hon RICS

'Trustheat's response was fantastic and meant that it was possible to dry the house in days, instead of weeks or months.

The drying solution employed and the staff involved were simply outstanding.'

Cllr Russell Hamilton

Herefordshire Council

About Trustheat

We are experts in using heat to solve a variety of problems.

Our team is composed of drying technicians and surveyors that between them have over 70 years of construction industry and structural drying experience.

Working nationwide, our mobile systems have helped families and businesses quickly recover from the disruption of flooding or pipe leaks.

We are experienced in dealing with a variety of residential and commercial projects and assist a diverse range of clients, including insurers, loss adjusters and surveyors, plus private clients such as City of York Council.

Carbon footprint reduction

At Trustheat, we see the devastating effects of climate change first-hand.

Traditional drying solutions require a significant process of strip out and reinstatement, coupled with high energy usage and multiple site visits.

By contrast, we minimise strip out, and therefore reinstatement. Our solution vastly reduces landfill waste and replacement materials.

Our self-powered system is incredibly energy efficient, vastly reducing energy usage when compared to residential power supplies, plus our short, effective drying service eliminates multiple vehicle visits for on-going monitoring.

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