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case study - muddy boots nursery

The owners of 'Muddy Boots' were in the later stages of an extensive build for a 110 place nursery when it became apparent that the moisture content of their anhydrite screed (laid 3 months earlier) was still too high for laying floor surfaces.

Trustheat were called in to assess the floor and provide an expedited solution to get the project back on track, ahead of the new intake of children that was growing worryingly close for the owners.

Our site survey confirmed exceedingly high moisture levels throughout, with the flooring contractors advising that a 20% reduction would be required in all areas to proceed with laying the floor throughout the sizeable building.

> Our solution

With our self-powered drying system parked outside, and 17 powerful heat exchangers installed internally, it took us just 3 days to reduce the moisture content to acceptable levels and get the build back on track.

We removed the surface laitance that was trapping moisture and raised the internal temperature evenly throughout to avoid any thermal distortion that may have affected the recently-applied plasterwork.

With volume, heated airflow targeting all floor surfaces, we quickly saw moisture levels drop to their targets, and our client received the sign off from the flooring contractors that confirmed works could recommence.

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