We use heat to eradicate every stage of a stored product infestation


Our solution efficiently solves the problems associated with traditional chemical insect treatments

organic pest control


Using only heat, we instantly avoid the risks associated with chemical treatments.

Buildings are safe to inhabit straight away and we can treat any type or size of commercial food production facility.

targeted flood drying


Heat permeates all areas, including the inner compartments of production equipment.

We desiccate and eliminate every stage of the insect's life cycle (including eggs, pupa and larva) providing 100% efficacy.

fast flood restoration graphic


Our heat treatment requires just a single visit, reducing disruption for our clients.

We efficiently heat the structure to quickly reach and maintain the desired 'kill temperature' for all infestations.

pest treatment data


A network of probes monitors and record temperatures within buildings and machinery.

Our clients benefit from definitive data that shows kill temperatures have been sustained and infestations eradicated in all areas.

SPI heat treatment case study - Fuller's Brewery

'an unprecedented result'

Since 2013, we have been assisting Fuller's Brewery Chiswick with our 100% organic SPI heat treatment.

Using multiple mobile systems, we have helped them vastly reduce their flour moth counts via a single visit treatment that minimises downtime.

Production brewer, Henry Kirk notes:

'The results were quite staggering, with a huge volume of dead insects at the end of each project.

A previous treatment by Trustheat on our packing line has resulted in 15 months without a single moth sighting, something we have never witnessed before'.

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'We would recommend Trustheat's SPI treatment to anyone looking for a 100% effective, single visit treatment that can be easily accommodated within production schedules.'

Henry Kirk

Production Brewer

Fullers Brewery - Chiswick

The science of using heat to kill insect infestations


Heat causes the waxy, outer layers of insects to breakdown, removing their protective coating.

The constant application of heat throughout the treatment area ensures adults, larva, pupa and eggs are completely desiccated and eradicated.

Protein breakdown

The application of sustained heat causes the protein structure of the insects to denature.

The protein structure becomes 'unfolded', ceasing to function, a process from which all stages of an infestation are unable to recover.

Complete coverage

Heat can permeate all areas of a structure, even those that are traditionally hard to access

With nowhere to hide, we can ensure all life cycle stages of even the most deep-rooted infestation are completely eradicated in a single treatment.

moisture content

Many infestations thrive in environments due to the presence of excess moisture.

Our holistic solution removes not just the infestation, but also the excess moisture, adding another layer of efficacy that is not provided by chemical treatments.

'We have worked with Trustheat on a number of occasions now, from small to large projects. We use their services to remove various insect and pest infestations, and on all occasions it has been a great success'.

Kevin Harrison

Managing Director

Pestguard Northwest

We eradicate multiple infestations:
  • Flour mites
  • Mill Moth
  • Grain/Rice Weevil
  • Flour beetles
About Trustheat

We are experts in using heat to remove timber infestations and our solution can be scaled to treat any size or age of property.

We have worked on a number of residential projects (including heritage and listed properties) and assist a diverse range of clients, including pest control companies and private customers.

We provide a fixed price treatment quote for every project, helping our clients reduce costs, treatment schedules and uncertainty.

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