We use heat to quickly eradicate every life cycle stage of a timber infestation

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Our solution efficiently solves the problems associated with traditional chemical timber treatments

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Our heat treatment requires just a single, finite visit, avoiding and reducing disruption for our clients.

We efficiently heat the structure to quickly reach and maintain the desired 'kill temperature' for all timber infestations.

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Unlike chemicals, heat permeates all areas, including the hard to reach centres of timbers and beam-ends.

We desiccate and eliminate every stage of the insect's life cycle (including eggs, pupa and larva) providing 100% efficacy.

organic pest control


Using only heat, we instantly avoid the risks, odour and limitations of chemical treatments.

Buildings are safe to inhabit straight away and we can treat any type or size of residential or commercial structure.

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We use a network of probes to monitor and record temperatures within structural beams and timbers.

Our clients benefit from definitive data that shows kill temperatures have been sustained and infestations eradicated.

Beetle & Woodworm treatment - Ipswich Museum

With over 5000 priceless artefacts on site (many of them timber) an infestation of woodworm and death watch beetle was not a welcome discovery at Ipswich Museum.

Chemical treatments posed a risk to the contents and raised the concern that unhatched eggs would not be successfully treated by traditional spray techniques.

Working alongside the senior conservator, Trustheat's organic solution took just 3 days to treat the entirety of the museum's collection, via an efficient, single visit treatment.

With a carefully developed treatment and live time monitoring, we evidenced no loss of moisture content in the historic contents, whilst simultaneously demonstrating the required 'kill temperatures' being reached in the heart of timber artefacts, ensuring every stage of the infestation was eradicated.

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The science of using heat to kill woodworm, beetle and timber infestations

Complete Desiccation

Heat removes the insect's protective coating, causing the waxy, outer layers to breakdown.

The constant application of heat throughout the treatment area ensures adults, larva, pupa and eggs are completely eradicated.

Protein breakdown

The application of sustained heat causes the protein structure of the insects to denature.

The protein structure becomes 'unfolded', ceasing to function, a process from which all stages of an infestation are simply unable to recover.

Complete coverage

Heat can permeate all areas of a structure, even those that are traditionally hard to access

With nowhere to hide, we can ensure all life cycle stages of even the most deep-rooted infestation are completely eradicated in a single treatment.

moisture content

Infestations such as death watch beetle thrive in timbers with excess moisture.

Our holistic solution removes not just the infestation, but also the excess moisture, adding another layer of efficacy that is not provided by chemical treatments.

Timber Infestation Treatment - Gables Farm

Common furniture beetle, woodworm and moisture removal

Following storm damage and the timbers being exposed to the elements, the owner of Gables Farm was faced with both a common furniture beetle and woodworm infestation, plus the underlying issue of wet timber beams.

Trustheat were appointed by the projects insurance mediator and Chartered Surveyor Peter Reeve to both evaluate the moisture content and provide a single visit treatment for the infestations present.

Our treatment took just 5 days and involved establishing an airtight envelope around the building, allowing us to create a controlled temperature and humidity environment.

With on-going monitoring throughout, we clearly illustrated both the eradication of the infestations present, whilst also reducing moisture content to a sustainable level and providing the necessary conditions for the restoration process to continue.

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'A professional in-depth report was provided by TrustHeat, clearly demonstrating and highlighting the infestation and causation on-site. We would always recommend the treatment implemented by Trustheat, as it saves financial costs, duress and stress for occupants, as well as minimising the complaints procedure due to failure in duty of care claims.

Peter Reeve

RICS Surveyor & Trustheat Client


We eradicate all infestations:
  • Death watch beetle
  • Common furniture beetle
  • House longhorn beetle
  • Powderpost beetle
  • Woodworm
About Trustheat

We are experts in using heat to remove timber infestations and our solution can be scaled to treat any size or age of property.

We have been involved on a variety of residential projects (including heritage and listed properties) and assist a diverse range of clients, including pest control companies and private customers.

We provide a fixed price treatment quote for every project, helping our clients reduce costs, treatment schedules and uncertainty.

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