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With an average drying time of just 5 days, we reduce both the duration & cost of water damage claims

previous drying projects


major pipe leak

Drying days = 7

A saturated four storey mews house, quickly dried with 2 combined systems.

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one stop stores

Drying days = 5 & 6

We ensured two local stores were quickly open for business after major flooding.

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surge flooding

Drying days = 4

We dried 59 properties in 47 days for City of York Council following a major flood event.

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Caravan pipe leak

Drying days = 3

Using evaporation drying ensured the quick restoration of our client's holiday home.

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The science of drying with heat


A trailer unit is parked outside the property, containing an energy-efficient boiler.

This superheats a liquid mix, which is then transferred into the property via a network of insulated pipes, connecting internally to a network of heat exchangers.


The heat exchangers then expel high velocity, heated airflow throughout the area to be dried, raising the temperature of both the air mass and structural materials.

With heated air continually washing over surfaces they dry rapidly, and capillary action wicks moisture from within the materials to the freshly-dried surface.


The temperature of the air mass is key to the effectiveness of our approach, acting like a sponge into which moisture quickly evaporates as it's removed from materials.

This is because warmer air holds more moisture, at 40°c the air can hold 600% more water than it can at 10°c.


Positive pressure is the final key element, which we create by drawing in external air that is heated whilst entering the property.

This allows us to push the moisture-laden air out from the building via ducting, windows and other apertures. We continually refresh the space with dry air that can then capture more moisture, ensuring fast, efficient drying.

secondary benefits of drying with heat

reduced strip out

We can dry both cavities and sub floors non invasively, reducing the strip out associated with traditional drying solutions.

fixed price & time

We provide our clients with a fixed day rate, and a finite schedule of drying days - confirmed before we even start working.

reduced aa costs

By drying in days, we reduce expensive alternative accommodation bills for displaced residents due to long drying programmes.

carbon footprint

With energy-efficient drying, less strip-out and fewer vehicle-based visits, we significantly reduce the carbon footprint of claims.


"Our teams were very impressed with Trustheat’s service and approach. Whilst this solution for drying is more expensive than dehumidifiers, overall the costs of flood remedial works are lower using Trustheat's method of treatment"

Mike Gilsenan
Head of Building Services
City of York Council

"We would always recommend Trustheat's service to any insurer. The process is cost effective, significantly reducing moisture levels and the scope of remedial works, whilst being less intrusive, expensive and stressful for both residents & businesses"

Peter Reeve
RICS Surveyor

"A great, professional job. Having the property dry in days (rather than months) helped lift our spirits. Highly recommended, glad we had such a good team restoring our home."

Philip Chaplow - Flood victim